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The Ginseng Conspiracy

A Kay Driscoll Mystery

Written by Susan Bernhardt

It Takes a Village: Acknowledgements

The Ginseng Conspiracy wouldn't be what it is without my two fabulous co-editors. I'm delighted to acknowledge and thank Peter Bernhardt and Lorenzo Martinez.

Peter Bernhardt Peter, your clever ideas sparked my imagination. I'm grateful for all the fun and laughter we shared going over my chapters. Thank you for your ingenious editing, your enthusiasm, and energy.

Lorenzo Martinez Lorenzo, I'm deeply indebted for your tiredless reviewing of my chapters, sharing your expertise and imaginative suggestions. Your support and encouragement is overwhelming. Thank you.

Dave Bazan Dave, thank you for your creative ideas and insight, and for your continual encouragement and enthusiastic support.

Special thanks to my husband, Bill, who listened to my chapters numerous times and most times put up with my brainstorming, and to my son, David and daughter-in-law Nicole, for cheering me on all the way.

I would like to thank my niece, Anne Rusert for taking my photo for the back cover of The Ginseng Conspiracy.

Thank you to my sister, Jean Baldikoski, you were my first encouragement. You said that I could write this book and I did.

Thank you to the rest of my dear family and friends, those who supported me on my website, who spread the word of the Kay Driscoll mystery series, and for all who thoughtfully remembered to ask me, "How is the book coming?" I appreciate each of you and will forever be grateful.

2012 by Susan Bernhardt. All rights reserved.